Float like a Butterfly. Sting like a Bee.

Responsive project management & consulting.

It’s not the biggest who survive, it’s the fittest. You can only absorb new perspectives, recognise more and be more effective if you’re agile. If you’re able to fly anywhere, use excellent communication skills, be diligent, think freely and be a team player.

greybee’s superb mobility and agile teamwork increases the efficiency of projects.

Jürgen Scharf und Christian Maurer greybee founders

  • 235

    companies transformed

  • 6.800

    concepts created and expanded

  • 120.000

    test cases coordinated

  • 85.000

    cutover activities managed

greybee is pure
project management

One hundred per cent ability to execute.

greybee analyses and implements successful overarching solutions in group companies’ digitisation and transformation projects. End-to-end and with zing.

The BeeEffect

Understanding business and IT. Maximising the efficacy of digital process intelligence. That is project management with the BeeEffect.

  • Successfully managing digitisation projects in group companies.

  • Linking the two worlds of business and IT. Across organisations, end-to-end.

  • The team that covers all the roles in the project’s life cycle and finds pragmatic solutions to the challenges. With sound judgement, efficiency and the necessary stability.

  • Knowing all the project’s parameters and how to control them based on correct process models and methods.

  • V.l.n.r.: Thomas Ryll, Marcel Rollmann, Ralph Crämer, Sabine Bürger, Markus Koch

  • V.l.n.r.: Daniel Wess, Laura Seiler, Maximilian Wichert, Yvonne Becker

  • V.l.n.r.: Jörg Ofer, Sabine Bürger, Yannick Horz

  • V.l.n.r.: Anders Dahl, Bayram Duran, Dora Hegedus

  • V.l.n.r.: Marion Schnoks, André Röthig, Bernhard Reichenbach, Philipp Michael

Our mindset

Why we do what we do in the way we do it.

There’s no such thing as finished. Ever! Neither in nature nor in business. In this respect, every company is only as strong and competitive as its will to revitalise itself. In technological, cultural and structural terms.

Two things are key here: a vision and the ability to implement it. greybee gives companies this ability.

Our values

How we do what we do.

The ends do not in fact justify the means. We believe that success is only sweet if it has been achieved fairly, respectfully and jointly. This is why we have a clear set of values underpinning everything we do. It’s at the heart of our actions and is also what drives us to do a little better every time.

The result for our clients? Excellent results generated through the full force of a team with self-respect.


Clients are at the heart of what we do. Joint solutions are always developed in close consultation and custom-made.

Key Performance

The aim of what we do is to make our clients as successful as possible. Our consultation services are aimed at long-term, sustainable value creation. Our work as a company with a commercial focus is results-based, and this is just one of the reasons our staff participate in the company’s success.


We know that we are only as good as our staff. It’s their dedication and commitment that determines the success of a project. This is why we do everything we can to promote and develop their skills – not least through a comprehensive staff development programme and an open and modern working environment.


Listen, listen, listen! How do we achieve the best possible solution for our clients? By fully understanding them and their environment. This is why it’s incredibly important that our staff adapt to our clients’ needs. To do this, we need to be able to listen. The same goes for management when dealing with staff.

Staying the course

We take responsibility and pursue a clear course. We ensure that our business activities are in line with the interests of the company and are ethically appropriate.


Openness, commitment and integrity underpin our corporate culture. We only make promises we can keep and view our agreements as commitments to all the people and companies involved.


We see mutual fairness when working with each other and with our business partners and clients as a prerequisite for our success. Appreciation and recognition, above all, mean listening to what others have to say and tolerating others’ views.


We believe in the principle of solidarity. This is why we help people in need all around the world. Some of our corporate clout is routed back into humanitarian projects around the globe via the World Vision and arche noVa organisations.

Clear language

Good communication is fundamental. We tell our staff, business partners and clients about key decisions in our business, creating the basis for mutual trust. Open feedback is as important for improvements as being open to all new things.

Success milestones

  • 2010

    greybee GmbH is founded.

    First major telecommunications client:
    Deutsche Telekom AG.

  • 2012

    greybee has 20 employees and becomes a certified company

    Wir investieren in Qualität! Unser Qualitätsmanagementsystem ist TÜV Rheinland geprüft und zertifiziert.

  • 2013

    greybee starts with a score of 4.75 on XING and is named one of the top employers in its segment

  • 2015

    First major manufacturing client: Rolls-Royce

  • 2017

    greybee has 50 employees

    First major transport and logistics client: Deutsche Bahn AG

  • 2018

    The Bonn subsidiary is founded

    First major finance client: Deutsche Börse AG




  • 2019

    The Düsseldorf subsidiary is founded

  • 2020

    greybee celebrates 10 years of successful project management

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Laura Tibitanzl

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Laura Tibitanzl

Internal Services

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  • greybee GmbH
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Laura Tibitanzl

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