Quo vadis, earth?

greybee is committed to numerous charitable projects. Because it’s the right thing to do. And there’s no alternative.

Our belief in change applies to every aspect of life. So, we get involved where we have the greatest leverage – providing immediate aid to people in need. We cannot accept that millions of them go hungry, have no access to education or healthcare and instead have to pursue incredibly tough jobs. Let’s change the status quo and give them a future.

Child sponsorship with World Vision.

Inequality of opportunity is a major source of the huge gaps between rich and poor. We help children in the world’s poorest countries to significantly improve their future opportunities with the World Vision sponsorships.

We keep in touch with our sponsored children. We write to them regularly and are delighted to receive each and every letter and picture we get.

Do you too want to give a child a better life? We whole-heartedly recommend the transparency and dedication of World Vision. Join us.

Water, health and perspective with arche noVa.

Every human being has the right to water. We support the arche noVa initiative that gives thousands of people in Mali, Bangladesh and Ethiopia this right, enabling them to have better living conditions.

‘It’s important to us that we reach as many people as possible,’ says CEO Christian Maurer. ‘arche noVa won us over in this respect. Their commitment for the human right to water and sanitation creates big changes locally with relatively few means, opening up a future for many people.’

The project improves water supply, sanitation and food security for communities hit by drought and floods in the Goglo and Kelafo woredas, in the Somali Region of Ethiopia. They do this by building and renovating ten water storage tanks, installing water filtration systems and repairing latrines. The water is protected from evaporation in special collector containers, while at the same time no soil is further contaminated. Then the population is also trained in maintaining and caring for the water infrastructure.