Production, seamless.

greybee on the shop floor. Industry 4.0 – planned and coordinated during current operations.

  • 1200

    system users must not make mistakes

  • 10

    IT suppliers need coordinating

  • 130

    manufacturing machines

  • 300

    clients rolled out for digital manufacturing

The path to smarter production.

greybee implements a unified hardware and software environment for an international turbine manufacturer – interruptions are minimised, efficiency maximised.

greybee plans the digitisation of production, laying a key initial building block for the introduction of Industry 4.0. Production units such as milling machines and lathes in the workshops (shop floor) are linked to the enterprise IT environment to create seamless transmission of order data to the machinery.

In addition, quality data generated during production is transmitted to the client together with the component, enabling complete quality control. greybee plans and manages this strategic programme and manages all subcontractors. The workshop workers are given training on the changing production processes.

The project in detail.

Digitising the production of a major engineering company and introducing Industry 4.0 at once.

  • The challenges

    • Project planning to introduce new booking and production planning software for around 1,200 users
    • Harmonisation across all production processes
    • Gradual replacement of the relevant legacy software, systems, networks and processes
    • Enormous quality and legal requirements
  • The solutions

    • Project plan and feasibility confirmation
    • Facilitating the departments and designing the target processes
    • Creating the test plan and carrying out the tests
    • Coordinating more than ten IT suppliers working both nationally and internationally
    • Operationalising multistage launch and migration concepts for master and transaction data
    • Roll-out and change concept
  • The roles

    • Project managers
    • Test managers
    • Cutover managers
    • Roll-out managers