Careers with the BeeEffect

Taking off starts in your head.

Managing the projects of the top 100 companies in Germany is complex enough. It’s great when everything else is simple – flat hierarchies, a brilliant team, direct and open communication and a lot of room to grow. Perhaps a little less higher, faster, further and instead smarter, more worthwhile and more fulfilling.


Self-realisation, finding meaning in your work, growing as part of a team. That’s greybee.

Working at greybee

You put the pro in project. Come and join our team.

Your professionalism counts. Your use of models and methods, your communication skills and your judgement are all decisive factors in the excellence of a project. And this is why we at greybee do all we can to help you perfect these skills.

Find fulfilment, drive projects forward using new technologies, get to know exciting people and grow a little bit more every day.

  • Sharing experiences is paramount - it's beneficial for greybees and our customers alike!

    Thomas Ryll

    Senior project manager

  • Teamwork and creativity are very important at greybee. This mixture makes for a positive atmosphere in which I enjoy working.

    Yvonne Becker

    Project manager

  • At greybee, we have no hierarchies. Self-responsibility, collaboration and mutual respect are our guiding principles.

    Anders Dahl

    Senior project manager

  • Taking ownership quickly and growing at your tasks as part of a great, supportive team - that's why I love working here!

    Laura Seiler

    Project manager

  • Our offices only have doors so that we can keep them open.

    Laura Tibitanzl

    Internal Services

What’s the buzz?

Soaking up knowledge. Making contacts. Over coffee with colleagues. Fresh every Tuesday: the greybee business breakfast

It’s the bee’s knees! You can get a taste of the world of greybee over coffee and rolls. Plus, hot off the press: the latest industry issues. Listen as much as you want, jump into the discussions, get to know exciting people and start your day the smarter and more fulfilled way.

We would love to see you at our business breakfast. Every Tuesday, bright and early at 9.30 a.m.


Think around corners, make a beeline for your goals.

Free thinking, focused action: our success is based on excellent employees. We are of course always on the lookout for people to join our team. People like you!

Careers with the BeeEffect – what’s in it for you:

  • Benefits

    • Above-average salary
    • Tailored, variable salary models
    • Company car for consultants, also for personal use
    • Generous office and business equipment
  • Additional services

    • Financial support in the company pension scheme
    • Lots of opportunities for training
    • Contribution towards the cost of your childcare
    • Free drinks and fresh fruit in the office
  • Work–life balance

    • Flexible working hours
    • Gym fee contribution
    • Corporate events with your partner

Get in touch.

For further information regarding careers at greybee, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hungry for a business breakfast?

Want to get a taste of the world of greybee? Then our business breakfast is just right for you. Sign up here.