Success stories

The era of digitisation has only just begun. Nevertheless, these two success stories will demonstrate not only our level of performance but also the extent of our experience in the field of programme and project management in large extensive digitisation and transformation projects.

Digitisation of end-to-end-business processes

Within a period of 18 months, we have planned a cloud computing shop for an international telecommunication and IT provider. Business clients can select the cloud products (server performance, storage and disk capacity) suited to their requirements via a web platform and, within minutes, automatically receive them, ready for use. Billing takes place on a monthly basis and based on the framework agreements concluded between the companies. greybee drafted the project from the outset, guided it to a successful launch and, in the process, filled essential programme and project manager positions.

The challenge lay in integrating existing processes and systems into the new, fully digital overall process, and agreeing on necessary process changes with departmental managers and process owners.

Industry 4.0

We are planning the digitisation of production for a major engineering company in the field of engine construction and, in doing so, are setting the stage for the introduction of Industry 4.0. In addition, production units such as milling and turning machines on the shop floor are being connected to the enterprise IT landscape. This enables the seamless transmission of production job data to the machine. Apart from the manufactured component itself also the quality-related data gathered during the production process is delivered to the customer enabling complete quality assurance.

greybee is planning and managing this strategic programme, and regulating all sub-contractors. The workers in the production halls are being trained on the changing production processes

“greybee as a provider of solutions and a partner at eye-level works with an extraordinarily positive and high-quality set-up of resources, which are applied as needed and with the utmost flexibility - always focused on the needs and agility of the client. greybee guarantees the highest level of professionalism, sound judgement and instinct in recognising and taking advantage of opportunities, but also for identifying the needs of the situation at hand.” (Michael Leonhardt, Manufacturing Engineering Systems Manager)

Overview of other selected examples:

  • Systemwise integration and migration of 6.000 employees following the consolidation of different business areas (project size 24 million Euros)
  • Release management – pooling and steering of the implementation of multiple product projects in a major telecommunication corporation (project size 32 million Euros)
  • Integration management – ensuring the compatibility of parallel realisation measures within a large-scale IT project in an ICT group (project size 25 million Euros)
  • SAP HANA data warehouse solution – consolidation and standardisation of existing reporting systems (project size approx. 2 million Euros)
  • Smart factory – project planning and management of an IT modernisation project for a certified German engine manufacturer (project size 7.6 million Euros)
  • Internet banking platform for displaying inventory data such as the refinancing of objectives at a major international bank (project size approx. 2 million Euros)