Quality Management

Prevention is easier and significantly more cost-efficient than post processing – in many projects, this central quality management maxim gains recognition for the first time when avoidable defects already have occurred. At best, they can yet be remedied through an increased use of resources before the project completion.

greybee consultants have a profound application knowledge and experience in quality management. We offer an integral service portfolio to our customers:

  • Planning (e.g. definition of quality requirements and conception of goal-oriented quality management activities)
  • Assurance (e.g. execution of quality gates and optimisation analyses of quality management measures)
  • Control (e.g. reviews of delivery items and securing compliance with key performance indicators.)

Our approach aims at using quality management in a pragmatic way and always in relation to the project requirements. This way, we make sure that quality management does not become an end in itself but a generator of recognisable and measureable advantages for our customer’s projects.